Sight Unseen



Johnson County Community College Theatre Department needs a comprehensive marketing campaign to promote their play "Sight Unseen."


A custom illustration, a "students work" similar to the focal point of the play, and a selection of type styles, color system, and unique layout to use across the campaign to promote this show.

Project Summary

Sight Unseen is a play, written by Donald Margulies, and performed by the JCCC Theatre Department in March 2019.

The Advanced Type classes in Fall 2018 were given the task to create a poster design to be hung around school, a program cover, and a web promo advertisement.

After reading the play and meeting with the theatre department head, I got to work!

Click here to read the play 

To read the Wikipedia of the play

1. SU Mood:style Board.jpg


After reading the play, I was inspired by the interaction of opposites. 

The play was constantly switching scenes from the past and present, also implying a warmth of the past and the coldness of present. I also was inspired by the almost apathetic nature of Jonathan, and the loud and controlling Patricia, particularly how she inevitably never got her way.

Thumbnails and Concept Exploration

I started with a mind-map after reading the play, from the words I derived from the map I illustrated many thumbnail concepts. From those initial concepts I refined 4.

Mind-Map and Thumbnail Exploration
Refined Concepts 1
Refined Concepts 2
4. completed variation2.jpg

Poster Exploration

4. completed variation.jpg

Final Poster

This poster is simply a studio scene. The sketchbook is sitting atop a used painting tarp, and leaning against a canvas and jar of acrylic paintbrushes.

I gave the image an almost sepia color scheme and a grungy texture to imply that this image is older, but warm, which symbolize the past.

I had the shapes and the text sharp and geometric to give a modern feel to symbolize the present.

The layering of the image, shapes, and text are to give the implication of beauty in art, but also the struggles of the characters. In particular the lack of say the leading lady (Patricia) had. I also wanted the sketch to be partly Unseen because it's a self portrait and I didn't want it to look too much like myself.

5. Final Poster.jpg
6. su mock ups-08.jpg

Mock Ups

How this system would exist in the real world.

Sight Unseen Program Cover Design
Sight Unseen Program Cover Design

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Sight Unseen Poster Design
Sight Unseen Poster Design

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Sight Unseen T-Shirt Design
Sight Unseen T-Shirt Design

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Sight Unseen Program Cover Design
Sight Unseen Program Cover Design

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