The New Kansas City International Airport needs an Identity that well represents Kansas City, KS and MO.


A new Brand Identity, touch-points and environmental graphics. All consistent to the historic Jazz Age / Art Deco architecture and history that greatly defines Kansas City.

Project Summary

Whenever you visit a new city the first impression is often formed in the city's airport. Moreover, if you're only laid over someplace for a day, all you may know about the city is formed from your time at the airport. The goal of the new Kansas City International Airport is to create an atmosphere where people actually want to be, and that engulfs the rich culture and history of Kansas City.

Mood Board Research


After much research of Art Deco and Jazz Age style movements, specifically relating to the Kansas City culture, I created a visual Mood Board based off my findings.

Color Exploration

I came up with multiple Color Systems inspired by various Furniture and interior design by this style period.


Rhythm  |  Repetition and Geometry

2. Research-03.jpg

Logo Iterations

I started sketching out as many different logos as I could think up based off my research and found images.

From there I refined my 12 most successful.

2. Research-02.jpg
3. Color themes+Logos-05
3. Color themes+Logos-05

3. Color themes+Logos-01
3. Color themes+Logos-01

3. Color themes+Logos-02
3. Color themes+Logos-02

3. Color themes+Logos-05
3. Color themes+Logos-05


Logo and Color Exploration

I narrowed the logo variations down to a final 5. I also combined each with a different color system developed earlier. From here I presented each to my class with the original research and with their critiques we decided on a final Logo and Color scheme. From there I further developed the Brand System. 

4 logo disection-04.png

Final Brandmark

This Brandmark was chosen as most successful.  

The mark not only well represents the chosen attributes; Rhythm, Repetition, and Geometry, it also spells out MCI which is the Kansas City International Airports abbreviation.

This also emulates the visual of fields as seen overhead from an airplane. 

Logo Variations

Varying in amount of lines, to be used accordingly, in different sizes

5. Final Logo White-05.png

Final Style Sheet

Final Color Scheme, Brandmark, Logotype, Photo Treatment

6. Final Style Sheet-06.png

Mock Ups

How this system may exist in the real world.

7. TShirt-Mockup
7. TShirt-Mockup

7. phone all 3
7. phone all 3

7. Billboard Mockup
7. Billboard Mockup

7. TShirt-Mockup
7. TShirt-Mockup


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